Tethered is a weekend designed to provide fathers and sons (ages 11-17) an opportunity to spend one-on one time together to bond with each other and the heavenly father. We believe that God designs us for connection and that fostering a healthy connection between fathers and sons brings honor to God. We believe that when two people seek after the Father's heart together, a bond is created that can withstand any adversity and echo blessings to future generations. A tethered bond creates hope, heals old wounds, and changes the future. We would like to invite fathers and sons to a 48-hour weekend at Watchtower Ranch with no distractions or barriers. This opportunity provides intentional time together to pursue the heavenly father's heart for you and his will for your relationship, as a reflection of his relationship with you. A biological relationship is not required - we encourage any type of father/son relationship to attend, as long as the man plays a significant role in the young man's life and the man is committed to staying engaged in the young man's life. Tethered is geared for young men from the ages of 11 to 17.



What do you do on a Tethered weekend?

Tethered is designed to for you and your son to walk through exercises together, play, laugh and more importantly spend intentional time with each other.



Is there any prep work?

Yes, prep will start 7 days before the weekend for the Father/Man playing a significant role. Prep is designed to open up communication and start engaging your son in conversation.




Transportation and time?

Tranportation is on your own, Tethered starts at 5:30 p.m. on Friday of your weekend and ends on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. We strongly encouraged you to be at Watchtower Ranch by 5:00 p.m. on Friday.




Where is it?

The weekend experience is held at the beautiful Watchtower Ranch in Eastland County (about 1.5 hours west of Fort Worth off of I-20).  Watchtower Ranch includes approximately 900 acres of land and beautiful housing facilities.





Fathers and Sons will share a room, all rooms have a minimum of 1 queen size bed and will share a bathroom with another Father Son combo.




Are meals provided?

Yes, we will provide meals for the weekend. Tethered will provide Coffee, Lemonaid, Tea and water. Any snacks and other non-Alcholic drinks desired need to be provided and encouraged to share with everyone.




What if I have more than one son?

This weekend is designed for you to spend intentional time with one son at a time. No sharing or splitting of time but to focus solely on this one young man. Dad’s are encouraged to attend multiple times with each indIvidual son to make this a special time for them.